TIP - Replacement legs for Ikea tops

Create a Unique Table

Make your kitchen even more enjoyable, it’s where we tend to spend a lot of time. Your table really deserves to be shown up on a pair of proud legs. Our ambition is to offer an affordable, fun and simple way to create a more personal home.

Makes Ordinary, Extraordinary By upgrading a table with a set of new steel legs - will lift your home and make a change. Small details make our homes personal and tells the story about who we are. So why not put your own personal stamp, and upgrade with a set of replacement metal table legs.

Attaching the Legs The mounting of our table legs is very easy. Just make sure that it is possible to screw small screws into underneath each table top, works perfectly on all wood materials.

All You need to create a great table that will fit perfectly ti Your space is:

- our steel table legs

- laminated Ikea table top

- few screws and a drill


- Place the top on the floor (best if You put it on a mat of buble foil to avoid scratches)

- Put the legs in place (measure the distance from all edges to the leg so it's placed even)

- Screw

- Tilt the table

- Enjoy!

Make sure Your screws are not to long for Your table top. You wan't them to be at least 5mm shorter than top thickness.


- You need a bigger table but You love our steel table legs? Just unscrew them and use with a bigger top!

- Years have passed and You still like Your table but would like to change something. Take the legs for re coating! Give them a new life with new colour.

- You would like a solid wood top? Our metal table legs are perfect for it. They are designed to take huge, heavy wood slabs.

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